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Application Tips

Application and Interview Tips

We’re pleased that you are ready to apply for a career with us and ready to offer some tools to help. To guide you through the application and interview process, we’ve put together a detailed Hiring Process Guidance document. You can download and review the content, which includes a deep dive into navigating our systems, writing resumes and cover letters, and preparing for a great interview. Here are a few highlights from the document.

Applying for a Job

  • Read job description fully to understand the role and its requirements to ensure that you meet them. Applicants who receive an offer always meet the minimum requirements and often meet most, if not all, desired requirements.
  • If a job requisition states to submit a cover letter, please submit one. Your application will not be considered if you do not. Please note that our cover letter requirements may be more extensive than other employers. We request a cover letter that addresses all minimum requirements and as many desired skills as possible. Individually address each requirement with a few bullets or a small paragraph. Refer to the Hiring Process Guidance document for more information.
  • If you do not meet the educational requirements listed, you will need to show additional years of relevant experience. If you exceed the educational requirements listed, you may be able to have less years of relevant experience.
  • Save a copy of the job ad to prepare for an interview as it may be removed from the site when the interview time comes.

Virtual Interview Setup

  • Our hiring team will usually use either Teams or WebEx as the virtual platform for your interview. Ask your contact when they schedule the interview which platform you’ll be using. You’ll want to download it and test it once or twice in the environment and with the equipment you’ll be using for the actual interview.
  • While you can join a virtual interview from most browsers, it is better to download the app/program so that you have access to its full functionality.
  • Let your hiring team know if you are having trouble with the platform ahead of time so we can help troubleshoot the issue before the scheduled interview time.

Virtual Interview Tips

  • Find a place in your home (or away from home) that will provide you with a quiet, distraction-free setting.
  • Try to treat the virtual interview as if it were in person. Dress in a professional manner. Be an active listener and make eye contact through the camera.
  • Practice saying some of the things that you would like the team to know about your skills. How will you convey that you are the best candidate for the role?
  • Do your research on the lab, the group, and the role so you can answer questions effectively.

Please refer to the Hiring Process Guidance document for more tips on applying and interview with LANL.

Not finding a position that suits your skills?

No problem, join our Talent Community to keep in touch. Please note that submitting your resume and information to our Talent Community is not considered an application. Our recruiters and hiring teams use this community to find potential candidates and reach out regarding newly posted roles.