LANL engineer with safety goggles and gloves working on large metal frame.

Weapons Engineering Directorate (ALDW) Impact the future of national security. Your challenge awaits.

The Weapons Engineering Directorate needs an energetic, ambitious workforce to drive our growing national security mission. We welcome recent graduates who are just starting out as R&D Engineers, Technicians, Technologists and Program Managers. Through tailored mentorship and educational opportunities, the Weapons Engineering Directorate is committed to growing the next generation of weapons engineers into experts and leaders. You will have the opportunity to grow your professional strengths and pursue different interests within our organization. We provide diverse opportunities to help you build a career path that’s right for you. Take the first step in building the career of your dreams, view our open roles.

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Pumps, steel supports and piping for the Exascale Class Computer Cooling Equipment Project at LANL

About The Weapons Engineering Directorate

The Weapons Engineering Directorate integrates planning and execution of the stockpile stewardship program. Our team safely performs engineering, assembly, and testing, as well as weapons and explosives research. ALDW sustains the majority of deployed US nuclear weapons, leads major warhead modernization programs, and executes large-scale integrated experimental programs. Opportunities are often available at various levels for the following:

  • Engineering Post Bachelor Internship Program
  • Engineering Post Masters Internship Program
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Engineering Technologists
  • R&D Engineers
  • Program Managers
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Learn more about the work being done in the different divisions to support the national security mission.

Two LANL engineers in hard hats working on metal pump

Engineering Technology and Design (E Division)

The E Division provides innovative engineering solutions while stewarding and expanding capabilities to develop answers for tomorrow’s evolving threats. Engineering, Technology, and Design provides diverse R&D solutions and a broad range of capabilities including requirements definition, design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, testing, and evaluation.

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LANL engineer in safety goggles inspecting machinery

Integrated Weapons Experiments (J Division)

Executes large-scale, integrated experiments with emphasis on subcritical experiments, hydrodynamic tests, focused experiments, and tests of complex engineered systems. Integrated Weapons Experiments employs multi-disciplinary teams and state-of-the-art diagnostics on experiments to deliver extraordinary data for customers.

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LANL engineer in safety goggles aligning sensors on machinery

Dynamic Experiments (M Division)

The M Division executes and develops explosives science and shock physics programs through the fabrication and application of energetic materials and use of large-scale research gun systems. Dynamic Experiments produces and certifies large-scale high explosive (HE) components and conducts HE science and shock physics experiments and modeling, studying dynamic-system and material response.

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Two LANL engineers in protective gear welding steel

Weapon Stockpile Modernization (Q Division)

The Q Division brings system engineering, science, and program management expertise and leverages state-of the-art simulation and experimental capabilities to roles encompassing basic and applied research and development, component technology conceptualization and maturation, and subsystem and system testing of flight and integrated performance.

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LANL engineer in safety goggles and gloves inspecting pipes and machinery

Weapon Systems Engineering (W Division)

The W Division provides the program management and system engineering necessary to sustain the safety, reliability, and security of the legacy nuclear stockpile. The division generates key certification data for annual assessments of the health of certain warheads. This role demands ongoing surveillance of the active stockpile and evaluation of the potential impact of any issues.

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Two LANL engineers in protective gear welding steel

Weapons Facilities Operations (WFO Division)

The WFO Division operates, maintains, and constructs world-class infrastructure in direct support of mission-focused research and development efforts. The division ensures readiness in mission execution, operations, and maintenance at over 500 facilities across 23 square miles, including nuclear, accelerator, and high explosives portfolios.

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